Photo studio Dara Kuźmic

My name is Darina Kuzmova and I’m very pleased that you have decided to visit my website.

I would love to introduce myself as a photographer as well as a woman. I would like to let you know that I express my point of view of beauty, emotions and perception of personalities as unique originals through taking photographs of women, kids and families. All of us are unique. I love to discover the natural smile as well as anger or sadness on your face. I simply enjoy talking to you while taking photographs because only then do you start to behave naturally and stop taking notice of the camera lens pointed at you.

And who am I? I am a mother of two, approaching forties which means that a part of my life is written in my wrinkles - there is joy and sadness, pain and euphoria related to success and tears related to failure. My body has changed, but it is a pleasant sacrifice I made for the lives of my children. I feel closely connected with women who are in a similar situation, we understand each other and it is amazing to talk to you before the photo session and find the mutual trust so that I can photograph you. Naturally you might have some concerns which you will soon forget about during the first few shots. I show you your beautiful photographs as we go and in case you don’t like some of them I can easily delete them. This hasn’t happened yet though. Women at the age of 35,50 and over aren’t commonly used to being photographed but as soon it happens they are taken away with their own photographs. They are thrilled how beautiful they are. The joy from your own photographs, a wonderful feeling about yourself- all of that is really worth experiencing. You are worthy of it all!